From Healthy & Happy Clients and Workshop Participants:

“I attended Monica's Sugar Blues workshop.  It was nothing like I expected.  I thought I knew a lot about the effects of sugar and how sugar can influence my diet. I used to pride myself on taking good care of myself through exercise and eating healthy. I wasn't as educated as I had thought.  I decided from then on that I needed to continue to get as much information as I could about what I was putting into my body, this well "maintained" machine. 

So I started a health coaching program with Monica.  First, I identified three health goals that I wanted to achieve over three to six months.  My first goals were to cut out sugar and bread, work on portion control, and decrease the amount of caffeine in my diet.  Those weren't easy goals but with Monica's guidance and accountability I was able to be more conscience of what and how much I was putting into my body.    

I'm far from perfect but I have lost those last 10 baby pounds!  Monica has equipped me with so much information, products and recipes to continue to maintain my healthy weight and pass along all I've learned to my daughter, family and to those I want to live a more Healthy, Happy Lifestyle.  Thanks Monica."  
Tina, Business Owner & Mother of a three year old girl.


"I have been working with Monica Medrek as my health coach for nearly two years and have found her to be one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people in her field. Her expertise extends beyond all aspects of food and lifestyle to setting diet goals, ending sugar addictions, eliminating little known toxins and pesticides, and overall suggestions for optimizing your health. She is a wealth of information on all of these topics and more. I highly recommend her particularly because she is a realist when it comes to making changes and takes the client’s needs and lifestyle into account."

Ilene Freed Rosen, Education Management Professional

"Monica is an absolutely fabulous health coach. “Healthy Living Happy Life” expresses it perfectly. After three short months, my entire family is already healthier and happier. 

My primary goal for the first session was very difficult to achieve. I wanted “every meal to be a pleasure.” Simple! Actually not. Monica was able to work me through what that meant – What exactly is wrong with how it is now? What needs to change? How will the family react? What does a satisfying meal look like.

Through our sessions, Monica helped me identify what exactly I wanted for me and for my family. Once reframed, it actually was relatively simple. I needed to set up a program to source better quality food, plan meals on a weekly basis--instead of winging it every couple of days--and create a pantry of go-to items to keep on hand. Once everything was in place, I was able to expand to start sending the entire family to school and work with healthy and often warm lunches. And, did I forget to say, I also have a day job?

Part of the family (Read: The husband) was initially quite resistant. (To provide context, when we married the only “vegetable” he had ever had was the potato. While he has come around over the years, up until recently vegetables were still considered a punishment.) Probably the best endorsement I can give Monica is that, after the three-month session ended, my husband made a point to say he had enjoyed every meal we had and that he could see a noticeable impact on his health. 

Key to my success was Monica’s strong support, motivation and encouragement every step of the way. She is able to help focus vague intentions, channel them into achievable goals and gently hold you accountable for steady progress. Beyond this, she thinks of everything -- from great recipes, to shopping lists; from the latest information on dietary best practices, to tips on stress reduction. I have just started my second three-month session with a whole new set of more personal goals and am looking very much forward to continued success.”  

Lisa, Mom of two & the Head of Government Relations at a top trade firm’s International Trade and Investment Practice.


joyful woman

"It is a great and satisfying pleasure to work with Monica Medrek! She is a serious and dedicated professional who helps you as a unique individual to come up with plans and strategies for making the changes that are important to you. I worked with Monica over the summer and found myself deciding to try all sorts of things that I ad been thinking about, but that had felt too hard or overwhelming. I think even she was surprised when we would set some fairly small, manageable goals for my time in between sessions and I would come back having gone much further in trying something new. Monica is intelligent, supportive, enthusiastic, and always willing to research any issue or question you bring up and to come in the next time with data, new ideas, and suggestions. It really felt to me that she and I were immersed in this project of making a better "Me" together. I made some significant changes in my eating and my life style with her help and encouragement and began to feel a lot better physically and even emotionally. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!"

Crystal Marcus August, LCSW-C.

Speaking Engagements & Workshop Participants

"I've attended two of Monica's excellent workshops, one on Cold & Flu Busters and another one on Breaking Your Sugar Cravings. Since attending them, I've been mindful about incorporating more superfoods into my cooking: Garlic, onions, beans, and vegetables from all the colors of the rainbow. I have reduced my intake of sugar. I'm also trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, I'm drinking more water, and I'm using other tips to boost my immunity. The workshops have dramatically changed the way I look at food, especially sweets and dairy products, and I feel better for it!"

Marina P., Teacher & Mom of two.

"I attended Monica's Sugar Blues workshop in spring 2013. I couldn't believe how much more sugar we are ALL getting on a daily basis. Yikes. I made a simple change by excluding juice and flavored milk from my kids' lunches and I l feel like I learned to do at least one thing to make our family healthier!"

Karen, Mom of three & Director of Global Recruiting at a large International Consulting Firm.

"Monica served as an expert speaker presenting on healthy eating to a group of Boy Scouts taking the Personal Fitness Badge Class at Troop 52. While the Scouts had been learning some nutrition basics from a chapter in their Scout’s badge book, Monica’s talk really highlighted some key issues for them. The boys pride themselves on the sports that they participate in, such as lacrosse, crew, soccer, baseball, etc. Prior to the presentation, I don’t think they really made a connection between what they were eating and their need for energy to sustain them during their school day, their sports practice, and working on homework into the evening. Monica broke it down for them and even helped them understand the importance of chewing! Teenagers receive so many mixed messages about food and since they are forming habits that will likely stay with them for a long time it's important that they get evidence-based information. The feedback I received from the Scouts about the talk was very positive. They clearly had not thought about many of the topics Monica raised. I really appreciate that Monica could talk at their level but at the same time provide them with sound information that they can hopefully adapt into their everyday habits.

Cynthia, Boy Scout Badge Coordinator



"Monica's 'Sugar Blues' workshop is one not to miss!  Just when I thought I was eating a pretty healthy diet, Monica's visual aids and knowledge of nutrition showed me how much excess sugar I was putting in my body!  I am now much more mindful when shopping for food, taking a moment to glance at nutrition labels.  Knowledge is power – thanks Monica!!!"  

Ann, Mother of three boys & Former Political Fundraiser.

"Thank you for coming in to teach us about nutrition. Your presentation was fun, informative and we all learned a tremendous amount." 

Kate Mitchell, Elementary School Teacher, whose third grade class Monica spoke to about healthy snacks, chewing and whole foods in April, 2013.